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Our ethos is to find a solution that fits your situation. In most cases, advice and guidance or coaching on conflict will help you avoid the matter escalating. Sometimes, more intervention or neutral support may be needed.
Mediation Services

Our core service is mediation. What is mediation and why is it an excellent way to achieve better results? Read our short blog explaining the key benefits. 

Mediation covers all sectors and whilst we focus on civil and commercial mediation, we are part of Mediator Network, a global mediation organisation, and we have access to dispute resolution professionals covering every conceivable issue. Therefore, you know that you are in safe hands with us.


Our services include support to help each of the parties prepare for mediation, as well as facilitate the mediation session. We will spend time talking to everyone involved to really understand the issues and ensure you are ready for the day.


Our team will take care of all the management and administration of your matter and keep you updated as to progress along the way. 

  • Civil
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Health (Including the NHS)
  • International Mediation
  • Pro Bono (free)
  • Pro Bono (free)
  • Property
  • Sports
  • Workplace

Our services

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Our team can assist you with finding solutions to your relationship breakdown, whether that's because of poor service from a business, a commercial contract issue, a neighbour fall out or anything else

Charities and non-profits

Charities and other non-profit organisations who have disputes between staff, volunteers, management ,and trustees can cause damage to the work they do in the community and negatively affect those that use their service.

International conflict solutions

We offer global mediation as a option of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) The concept of international mediation generally refers to mediation activities conducted by various parties, with the aim of managing international conflicts between countries, governments, groups, or people

Workplace Mediation

The workplace is made up of people and it is not uncommon for team members to fall out, for change to impact on the workforce or for there to be a clash of personalities.

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Making mediation accessible

Remote Mediation

For many of us, using platforms such as Zoom, Facetime and WhatsApp to connect with our friends, family and colleagues is now a common feature in our lives. This is also an excellent way to bring people together to resolve conflict.

Zoom and MS Teams have proven to be reliable and robust platforms for mediation. The mediation process remains confidential and we have not seen any substantive difference between online and in person mediation. Conducting your mediation remotely provides a truly accessible and faster route to resolution than in person. Your mediator will oversee the process on the day and all you need is good internet access, a device with a video camera and a confidential space to hold the meetings and sessions.